You're probably looking at the photo above and asking yourself: "WHERE ON EARTH IS THE LAW AND BATTING ORDER SET?!"  Don't worry, LABO isn't going away.  On the contrary, LABO is changing, but in a good way.

My family and I are in the process of moving out of our house, with the move date tentatively around the beginning of December.  With that said, we have to start packing up and getting rid of furniture.  Sure enough, the desk that I've called home for nearly 3 years was a casualty.  Fret not, LABO Nation, because I'm upgrading!

That's right, once my family and I are settled in our new home, I'll debut the BRAND NEW Law and Batting Order set.  I'm not going to leak much information, other than to state that the new set will be much better, it'll be more inviting, and it'll have more of an "anchor desk" type of look to it.  I think you'll like it.

For now, new LABO episodes will appear bland or dull, but it's only temporary.  I promise! :)

Speaking of new episodes, my iMac crashed and it's what I use to edit LABO episodes, so there won't be a new episode of LABO until my computer is fixed.

As always, thanks for the support!  Can't wait to show the many new and great changes to come for LABO!


Episode 71 - Live Q&A with Roger Quiles - The State of the NCAA

Hey LABO Nation!

Here's my archived chat with sports attorney Roger Quiles as we discuss all things NCAA, from the Jameis Winston disciplinary hearing to Todd Gurley to Penn State and much more.

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Tips for Law Students - Rejection is Absolutely Normal!

Hey LABO Nation,

It's INCREDIBLY rare for me to post a written blog on here, but I felt compelled to write about this particular headline in light of recent events.  I'm in the process of packing up my things as my family and I are getting ready to move out, and I came across a huge stack of letters and envelopes bound by a rubber band.  Those letters were rejection letters that I accumulated during my time at New York Law School when I applied to various firms, teams, and leagues looking for my crack in sports law.  I've posted those letters (with redacted information, of course) below for you to peruse.

You see a common trend among these letters.  All these employers would acknowledge receipt of my resume and cover letter, pander me by saying that my accomplishments were "impressive," and that all positions were filled.  And the best line of each of these letters states that they'll contact me should something be available in the future.  In other words, don't expect a call back from us any time soon.

I kept these letters to motivate me. In my three years in law school, I never got that sports law internship that I dreamed so often about. Needless to say, with what I did during my three years of law school with Law and Batting Order and my other internship experiences, I certainly got a fair chance to showcase my skills and abilities.

I've fielded questions from law school students this past week about looking for summer internships and how to approach prospective employers.  They all seem to fear getting a "no" from an employer.  But I can assure you that rejection absolutely normal and part of the experience.  From the Mets to even the NHL, my application constantly got rejected, but that never meant I wasn't capable of working in the sports law industry.  

Someone WILL see your value as a job candidate and they will give you a fair chance, much like I received a chance.  View that rejection letter as motivation to prove the haters wrong, to make those regret not hiring you in the first place.  Don't let a rejection letter make you feel weak or leave you with a defeatist attitude.

As you begin the search for in-semester or summer internships, remember that when you fall down 6 times, you get back up 7 times.  Someone will see your talents and value and will hire you.  Just give it some time.

As always, I'm a real human being and I'm here to help should you have any questions about sports law, breaking into the industry, or if you just want to rant about law school.


LABO Live Q&A with Mark Burns

Hey LABO Nation!

Join me this Sunday, September 28th at 7 PM ET for another live LABO Q&A!  My guest this week will be Forbes contributor and sports business enthusiast Mark Burns as we discuss the role of social media and sports.

Tweet your questions to the LABO Twitter handle using the hashtag #LABOwithMB and it will be read during the Q&A.  Hope to see you then!