Tony Iliakostas is a graduate of the New York Law School Class of 2014 and is a business affairs manager for a rights clearances company by day.  He graduated for Fordham University in 2011, majoring in communications and media studies.  Tony has a background in sports, journalism (specifically news media), public relations, and new media.

Tony started LABO for three reasons: 1) to use the site as a tool to network with other sports lawyers, 2) to get his feet wet in the highly competitive sports law industry, and 3) to educate sports lawyers, law school students, and everyday people about some of the most compelling legal issues that often arise in sports.  Tony continues to learn something new about the sports law industry each day, but he hopes to use LABO as a tool for other students of the industry.

Tony is a native New Yorker (WHAT'S UP QUEENS?!) and is an avid NY Mets, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Brooklyn Nets fan.  And yes, Tony was a contestant on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"


DISCLAIMER: Although this is a forum for me to express my views, such views are mine and in no way, shape, or form are they representative of my employer's or my guest's views.  Furthermore, I am not a licensed attorney (yet) and am, therefore, not able to provide legal advice to anyone.