Hurricane Sandy

Hi LABO Nation,

I wanted to report that I am in NYC, right where Hurricane Sandy penetrated the East Coast.  I'm happy to report that I am safe and sound.  There was no significant damage in my neighborhood, and thankfully my house still has running water and electricity.  Unfortunately, I can't report the same for my other fellow New Yorkers, especially those who are in the Lower Manhattan area.  Let's take this time to remember them in our thoughts and prayers, that they remain safe and that power and other utilities are restored promptly.

On that same note, because most of Manhattan and NYC was decimated as a result of Hurricane Sandy, please be advised that the 4th Annual Sports Law Symposium hosted by New York Law School's Sports Law Society orginally scheduled for Friday, November 2nd has been POSTPONED until further notice.  Please follow the New York Law School Sports Law Society on their Facebook and Twitter pages for future developments.

Also, Squarespace (the service that powers this website) made an announcement that they lost power since one of its service stations is located in Lower Manhattan.  Please be advised that Squarespace sites (including may go offline.  So do not be alarmed if you try and visit the site and are not able to pull it up.

In the meantime, for anyone who was impacted heavily by Hurricane Sandy, please be safe!  Take care everyone.

-Tony Iliakostas