Helping the Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Greetings LABO Nation,

I trust that you all are well, and I'm especially hoping that those of you who were in the East Coast that were struck by Hurricane Sandy are safe and sound.

As you know, Hurricane Sandy pounded the East Coast, especially portions of New Jersey and NYC.  The storm has destroyed beaches, decimated towns, claimed the lives of many, and left thousands homeless.  It was quite the storm, certainly a storm we will probably never experience in our lifetime.

Being a New Yorker, while my town was not impacted hard by the storm, it pains me tremendously to say that many close friends of mine have not fared well as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  I am particularly sympathetic to those on Staten Island, who suffered TREMENDOUS damage.  Lost homes, family memories destroyed, and an unrecognizable town: that's what you see when you view images of the town on TV or in the newspaper.  And of course, towns like Breezy Point, the Rockaways, and several Jersey towns sustained similar damage.

If you are reading this and were victims of Hurricane Sandy, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, and the rest of the LABO Nation laments with you during this rough time.

If you would like to help those devastated by Hurricane Sandy, below are a few reputable charities/organizations that will directly help the needs of Hurricane Sandy victims:

1) The Legacy Center

2) Convoy of Hope

3) Staten Island Recovers

4) New York Cares

If you know of any additional organizations or charities, please share them in the comments section below.  Thanks and I will see you all in a new episode of LABO on November 11th!

-Tony Iliakostas