How am I doing?

Dear Law and Batting Order Nation,

First, I'd like to thank you all, as always, for watching LABO and for sharing my videos with your friends, family, colleagues, or people in the sports law industry.

Running LABO takes a lot of work.  I have to do all the legal research associated with each week's topic, film each episode, edit each episode, publish it to YouTube, and much more in order to provide weekly content.  Of course, based on the views I've generated and the overall comments, LABO has been embraced positively.

However, to make sure I'm doing my best to deliver original content, I need to hear from YOU, the viewers.  LABO is a show powered by the viewers, for the viewers.  So to make sure that I'm doing my job, I created a brief survey asking questions regarding the progress of my website.

The survey is ABSOLUTELY ANONYMOUS, so if you want to bash me, no hard feelings!  I've only collected 3 responses thus far, and this is not enough.  I need more comments.  So please do me a favor, and fill out my survey.  That way, I know what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong.  CLICK HERE and it will direct you the survey website.

Thanks again for your support and loyalty.  This website/web-show would not be where it is without you guys!

-Tony Iliakostas