YouTube Took Down #TheHuddle...Wait, What?!

Greetings LABO Nation,

For the past year and 11 months, I have been committed to creating genuine and authentic content.  I have never deviated from this principle.  My dedication to LABO has given me a plethora of networking opportunities and has also earned me opportunities to intern in places I never imagined were possible.  What has made LABO successful, aside from the support of my loyal viewers, has been the grassroots marketing I established.  Let it be known that the ONLY ways I have ever marketed LABO or any LABO episode has exclusively been via social media.  Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I have shared my content in a proper fashion.  I have NEVER used a third-party service to falsely generate hits on a single episode of LABO.  That's not my style.  Not to mention that if I did such a thing, that would assassinate my character and credibility as a law student trying to enter an incredibly niche and competitive industry like sports law.

Well sadly, YouTube thinks I didn't abide by any of these principles.  The last episode of LABO, which was the latest installment of #TheHuddle, was taken down by YouTube this afternoon after it was deemed that my video violated YouTube's Terms of Service.  How so, you ask?  See the email I received from YouTube below.

Here's the backstory.  The last episode of the #TheHuddle generated about 5,520 views.  That's a lot of views, considering that other episodes of LABO vary from 20 views to 500 views.  However, my view count is contingent on several factors:

  • Do I have a guest on the show?  If so, how notable is my guest?
  • How long is my episode?
  • Am I discussing a hot topic?

The list could go on, but I think I've made myself clear.  According to YouTube, the 5,520 view count is abnormal, which I agree with.  HOWEVER, YouTube has the audacity to blame ME for generating this high view count, that I am responsible for having spam bots raid my video to falsely generate views.  For the record, this is absolutely false.  I shared the video like I normally would on Facebook and Twitter, and the spam bot activity was something out of my control.  So YouTube was quick to blame me for something I had no control over and took down this video.  It's like blaming an absolutely innocent person for committing murder that the person never committed.

I have gone ahead and appealed the decision to take down the last episode of #TheHuddle.  The evidence is abundantly clear that I was never behind falsely generating this content.  This was the workings of someone other than myself.  Perhaps someone clicked my video link on Twitter and that caused the spam bots to completely inundate my video with falsely generated views.

Rest assured that one way or the other, #TheHuddle will be back up again.  I will fight this to the very end.  In the meantime, I must thank you all who saw my tweets from earlier today in which I was absolutely livid.  While this is the first time I have ever encountered such an issue in the show's history, I'm hoping this will be the very last time.

I will keep you all posted on here as well on LABO's Facebook and Twitter pages on the status of the appeal, regardless of whether my appeal is accepted or denied.  In the case that the appeal is denied, I have every intention of re-uploading #TheHuddle, most likely on LABO's website (barring any technical difficulties, of course).  

Thank you all so much for the support and loyalty to Law and Batting Order.  LABO Nation is truly the best!