Operation #FreeTheHuddle: A Ridiculously Awesome Update

Hey LABO Nation,

First, let me kick off with saying THANK YOU!  After sharing my saga on Facebook, Twitter, and in my last blog post, I have received an overwhelming amount of messages from many members of LABO Nation.  Here are just some of the tweets I received voicing support and frustration after I received news that #TheHuddle was taken down and wouldn't be reinstated.

Anyway, after posting my last blog entry, I waited patiently for YouTube to write back with their decision to accept or deny the appeal to reinstate my video.  Alas, it was 11:30 PM on Sunday, November 17 when I received the following email from YouTube.

Alas, I was back to square one, frustrated beyond belief that despite pleading that I had nothing to do with the spam bot activity on my video, that I was still liable for it.  The logic that YouTube proposed to take down my video was very flawed.  So much so that I challenged the takedown of #TheHuddle once again today, November 19.  Below is the email I wrote.

I can't wait to see if YouTube responds.  But in the meantime, I also did my own search to see if there were any other YouTube users who were victims of an unjust Section 4H video takedown.  Much to my surprise, there are many users who were accused of generating fake views on their own videos.  And like myself, they were frustrated that despite being absolutely innocent, YouTube still blamed them.

In the middle of my search, however, I discovered a pro-bono legal service based in San Diego called New Media Rights.  New Media Rights, or NMR for short, specializes in helping YouTube users like myself challenge any unjust takedown claims by YouTube.  I couldn't help but share my story with NMR, which I did.  To make a long story short, I received an email back from NMR, they have shared my story with actual human beings at YouTube, and it seems like there is a legitimate shot that #TheHuddle will be reinstated.  That's right, read that last sentence one more time.

Of course, I have a long way to go before progress is made in my fight to reinstate #TheHuddle.  However, I'm truly thankful to each and every one of you who has supported my fight to get #TheHuddle back up and running on YouTube, as it should be!  I am blessed to have such a supportive fan base like LABO Nation.  You guys ROCK!

I'll keep you updated with any developments that happen on my end.