Writing for Publication: Build Your Brand

 Hey LABO Nation,

About a week ago, I had the distinct honor of sitting as a panelist at a panel discussion hosted by New York Law School's Career Services Department.  The panel discussion focused on writing for publication, more specifically, what students should do while in law school to get their name out there, whether it's writing an article for a journal or creating a blog.  The panelists featured Kris Fischer, the editor-in-chief of the New York Law Journal; Grace Lee, an NYLS librarian; and Prof. Jodi Balsam, professor of sports law at NYLS and mentor of mine.

I can't stress enough how important it is to write, especially if you're in law school.  Writing is such an important tool to have because your writing is indicative of how credible you are.  While LABO has been and will continue to be a video blog, it lives on writing.  Over the months, I have perfected my legal writing while writing a new episode of LABO.  I'm still perfecting it, but I have certainly made progress.

As I embark on my third year of law school, many 1L's and 2L's and prospective law students ask me why writing is so important.  I tell them that it's part of building your brand. 

To drive this principle home, here's a video clip of me sharing my own story of how I started LABO and how building my brand has been the single-most essential task that I have performed while attending law school.  I hope this will inspire many of you out there to write your own blog or create the next big thing!

Most importantly, if you have ANY questions whatsoever on what you need to do to enter the blog scene, just shoot me an email!  I'm here to help any of you and provide tips on what you need to do to "build your brand."