I am a Published Author!

Greetings LABO Nation,

In August 2012, I was approached by an editor from Pace Law School's I.P., Sports, and Entertainment Law Forum (PIPSELF) to submit an article for review for their next publication.  There was no guarantee that my article would make it, but it was worth submitting it.

I got the good news in January 2013 that my article was selected to be published in the next PIPSELF issue.  After waiting for a few months, the issue is finally out and I am officially published!

My article is on government intervention in Major League Baseball's drug testing program.  It is a topic that I am interested in and was very passionate talking about.  Hopefully you enjoy reading the article as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If you want to read my article, CLICK HERE.  And check out the other papers in this issue of PIPSELF.  There are a diverse number of papers with many talented authors.

Thanks for your support as always LABO Nation!  And don't forget to follow my personal Twitter account and the LABO Twitter account from May 15th to May 18th while I'm live-tweeting down in Atlanta for this year's Sports Lawyers Association Conference.

Take care guys!

Tony Iliakostas