Prayers for Oklahoma

Greetings LABO Nation,

Most, if not all, of you are aware of the complete devastation in Moore, Oklahoma as a result of a tornado.  Schools, churches, and homes have been knocked to the ground, many are injured, and there have been casualties as a result of the tornado.

First and foremost, we should lift up the entire city of Moore and any surrounding areas affected in prayer.  If you're not the praying type, keep them in your thoughts, as there are no words to put together what they went through.

In addition to keeping them in your thoughts and prayers, if you are interested in helping our neighbors in Oklahoma out, I would highly suggest making a donation to a local charity or organization in that area.  Even if you want to donate to the Red Cross for sheer convenience, it would be wiser to send your money to local charities, as it will directly help those in need.

While a simple Google search will help you find local charitable organization in Oklahoma where you can donate your money, here are two reputable organizations where you can donate your money.  The first is the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and the second is the BGCO Disaster Relief Fund.

Again, keep Oklahoma in your thoughts and prayers!