2014: The LABO Year in Review

Dearest LABO Nation,

Day by day, week by week, month by month, I am amazed at the support I receive from all of you for making my vision a reality.  You have all inspired me to make Law and Batting Order a brand of journalism that can't compare to others.  Surely LABO is not affiliated with ESPN, Fox Sports, or some other major media outlet, but your relentless support has inspired me to constantly make my brand of citizen journalism better each and every time.  As I specifically look back at 2014, your support was at an all-time high.

2014 was a fantastic year on a personal note.  I graduated New York Law School in May 2014, I got a job working at ABC News after having served as a legal intern there from June 2013 until May 2014, and I formed some of the best friendships I could have ever asked for.  At the same time, 2014 was rough.  I had to postpone taking the July 2014 bar exam to address my mom's health needs, and thank God, she's recovering very well.  Because of this, I am in the middle of studying for the February 2015 bar exam, so the road to the bar exam resumes.

For LABO, 2014 was another solid year.  I got some solid interviews and episodes, had a chance to showcase my brand to lawyers and law students at the 2014 Sports Lawyers Association Conference in Chicago, LABO got a brand new set, theme song, and video intro, and most recently, LABO surpassed 1000 followers on Twitter, a milestone that I never expected or imagined!  I've had the opportunity to collaborate with Troy Kirby of the Tao of Sports Podcast, and I will always be grateful to him for giving me a fair crack at sharing my sports law passion with his viewers.

So what's in the future for 2015 and Law and Batting Order?  Will a major media outlet finally take a look at LABO and offer me a contributor spot?  Will LABO get 1000 more followers on Twitter?  Will LABO get continued recognition by sports lawyers and law students?  The possibilities are endless and while I wish that LABO continues to thrive and succeed, I can only take it one day at a time.  

For now, I'm glad to know I have an army of loyal supporters backing LABO on a daily basis, and I feel inspired to continue and improve my home-grown journalism brand one day at a time.  My only request: continue to spread the word about LABO.  Tell as many friends and colleagues about this site, in the hopes that it can serve as a useful resource in understanding all things sports law.  I believe in the journalistic value that Law and Batting Order presents, and my hope is that Law and Batting Order can only continue to grow.

With that, thank you, LABO Nation, for making 2014 incredibly special.  Here's to a ridiculously awesome and even more special 2015.

Very best always,

Tony Iliakostas

UPDATE - 1/2/2015: I've laid out my resolution for 2015.  If I can just satisfy one of these, I'm a happy camper.  Let's make it happen!