LABO's Season Finale on May 18, 2014

Fellow LABO Nation members,

I'm pleased to announce that LABO will be bringing back "Taking It To The Streets" as the season finale segment before I graduate and study for the bar exam this summer (details to follow about that at a later time).

Because I will be in Chicago from May 15th to May 18th for the Sports Lawyers Association Annual Conference, it is only fitting to talk with sports law students and professionals about...well, sports law!  So with that in mind, for any of you planning on attending this year's Sports Lawyers Association Conference, be on the lookout for me, my microphone, and my camera as I'll be conducting interviews with attendees about sports law issues.  Topics will be determined at a later time.

In the meantime, in an effort to spread the word about this, please share this with any colleagues or friends who you know will be at SLA Conference in Chicago.  Let's get the word out there about this.

Looking forward to filming and meeting some of you for the very first time!