#TheHuddle is Making Its Return!

LABO Nation,

#TheHuddle is making its return to Law and Batting Order.  We unfortunately know what happened with the last episode of #TheHuddle when YouTube unjustly accused me of generating false views on the account.  By the way, the video is still down, so that means that I won't be using YouTube to upload LABO content anytime soon.

But my ordeal with the second episode of #TheHuddle did not stop me from providing premier sports law content, and quite frankly, #TheHuddle is such a unique concept that I can't let go of.

With that said, please tune in on Sunday, April 13th, when a new episode of #TheHuddle goes live and makes its official debut on the LABO Vimeo account.  This episode features sports law bloggers and writers and they provided hearty, thought-provoking content on the Northwestern-NLRB decision that went down a couple of weeks ago.  The panelists' names are below, and please follow them on Twitter!

  • Steve Silver - Co-Founder of TheLegalBlitz.com (Twitter: @TheLegalBlitz)
  • Hakeem Onafowokan, Jr. - Founder of FastBreakVerdict.com (Twitter: @HOnafowokanJr)
  • Adam Ainslie - Sports Law Staff Writer for LawCommentator.com (Twitter: @aaainslie)

I look forward to sharing this episode with all of you and don't forget to chime in using the hashtag #TheHuddle.  Remember, your opinion matters too!

- Tony