The Day I "Met" Stuart Scott

The day I first "met" Stuart Scott was much like how any other young sports fan met the man.  I turned on the TV one day, graduated from watching cartoons to watching sports and news, and low and behold, as I flipped through the channels, I stopped at ESPN to watch that powerhouse sports reporting tandem of Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen.  From his commanding delivery to his incredible swag, it was hard to not like Stuart Scott.

Unfortunately, as I write this post, we heard the very tragic news that Stuart Scott passed away after battling cancer since 2007.  Amidst going through so many bouts of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, Stuart Scott showed every inkling of bravery and perseverance you could ever ask for.  While I've never battled with cancer (although my mom and aunt were diagnosed with breast cancer when I was young), I can only imagine how rough the road to recovery must have been for Stu.  But as many have said, Stu didn't lose the battle, he beat it by the way he lived.

I have never had any formal journalistic training whatsoever.  I was a communications major at Fordham University and I was a news intern at CBS News.  I worked as a legal intern while in law school at ABC News and I currently work on a freelance full-time basis in the same department I interned in.  I never worked for WFUV, Fordham radio station.  I never ran TV operations, worked as a videographer, or reported for my school's TV station.  The extent of me being a journalist has only come when I created Law and Batting Order in 2011.  That's it.  But I did it because I aspire to be a great journalist one day.  I have always looked up to Stuart Scott for telling stories in such an effective way all while grabbing the audience's attention with cool catchphrases.  

What made me admire Stuart Scott was that he broke the corporate journalist mode.  He told the world that he didn't have to be this macho man anchor who sat with a suit and tie and look so stern.  He broke the mold in every way possible.  He made telling the news fun while informative.  And while I may be a citizen journalist, his example has inspired me to fight harder and be the best journalist I can possibly be.  

Stuart Scott's journalistic legacy will live on for years and years to come.  He has left us way too soon.  While I've never personally shaken his hand and taken a picture with him, I have "met" him in a different kind of way: every time I turned on SportsCenter and heard him say "booyah."

From this journalist and sports fan, let's remember Stuart Scott and keep his family in our prayers.  RIP Stu.