What New York Law School Means to Me - An #NYLS125 Post

Just a little over 1 year ago, I graduated from New York Law School, a law school right in the heart of TriBeCa and blocks away from the federal and state courthouses.  I chose New York Law School because of the value I knew the school's education would bring to my academic maturation.  In spite of a very scathing article by the NY Times in July 2011, just one month before I joined NYLS' academic roster, I still felt that NYLS was a place I could call home and enhance my skills.  But then again, I look back and sometimes, I think it was NYLS that chose me.

I've talked on many an occasion about how I didn't have the best LSAT score in spite of doing very well in undergrad.  Even with a 149 LSAT score, I think NYLS believed in me and my ability to excel, just as it believed in all of my classmates and their successes.

I'm thankful for NYLS because they are the main reason why I wanted to pursue a career in sports law.  With sports law alums and sports law symposia and events right at my fingertips, I knew this was an industry I wanted to get involved.  Thanks to NYLS, I networked with fellow sports law colleagues who I consider very close friends today.  But most importantly, thanks to NYLS, I have Law and Batting Order.  Who knew that a dream I envisioned and started in November 2011 would ultimately lead to LABO being among one of the many go-to sources for sports law news and commentary.  LABO is only 12 episodes away from 100 episodes and I credit New York Law School for always encouraging me to pursue my dream, to be an innovator, and to be different from the bunch.

I'm writing this because New York Law School is celebrating its 125th Anniversary.  I wanted to dedicate this post to thank NYLS Dean Anthony Crowell, the current NYLS board of trustees, the NYLS faculty and staff (past and present), and even the hospitality crew for making NYLS feel like home for 3 years.  I'm truly grateful.  I think I speak on behalf of my classmates when I say that NYLS has changed our lives for the better.  It certainly has for me. I proudly hoist my juris doctor degree knowing that I put in a ton of blood, sweat, and tears to make my dreams happen.  I write this post as a PROUD NYLS alumnus.

My journey in sports law is FAR from over.  In fact, I think it's just getting started.  I can't wait to share with all of you my experiences in the coming months, years, and hopefully, decades.