Recap of LABO's Experience at Fox Sports 1's "Crowd Goes Wild" Taping

 Hey LABO Nation, 

As I had previously announced (on here, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), I was invited by the wonderful people at 1iota to attend a taping of a new show coming to the brand new Fox Sports 1 channel called "Crowd Goes Wild!"  The show is hosted by the immortal Regis Philbin, alongside former NFL player Trevor Pryce, YouTube sensation Katie Nolan, former tennis player turned comedian Michael Kosta, Wall Street Journal writer Jason Gay, and Sky Sports host Georgie Thompson.  For more information about "Crowd Goes Wild," click here. 

After having sat through this singular taping of the show, I thought it would be wise as a blogger, as a sports fanatic, and as a viewer to comment on what I enjoyed and what can use some improvement in the show.   And I sincerely hope that the folks at Fox Sports 1 take notes and diligently read this post.  As someone who creates content on a frequent basis, nothing is better than getting feedback from the public.  To guide the process, I'll create bullet points for each point I make.


  • I absolutely loved the panelists!  Growing up as a kid, I watched Regis host "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?"  Isn't it ironic that I was a contestant on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" with Meredith Vieira as the host, but I see an icon I've admired since childhood host this show?  I think so.  Anyway, hearing Regis talk sports was absolutely great.  He fits in the equation so seamlessly.  Naming him as the host of this show was an absolute grand slam.  I enjoyed the serious perspective from Jason Gay, the athletic and witty point-of-view from Trevor Pryce, and Katie Nolan and Michael Kosta really touching on the comedic side of things.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that they're young.  It really appeals to a young audience.
  • The show has a great flow.  They covered topics around the league and debated about it. They had a guest come in, which happened to be former Eagles RB Brian Westbrook.  And in between, "Crowd Goes Wild" featured some humorous segments.  It made the show very entertaining.
  • The crowd REALLY went wild.  We were engaged and were able to cheer, boo, and laugh at nearly every point during the show. 

That was what I enjoyed.  Now I'm going to switch to the flip-side.  HERE ARE SOME SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE THIS SHOW: 

  • This show needs to engage more with the audience in studio.  While we were cheering on, the show is called "Crowd Goes Wild."  Keyword there is "CROWD."  The show's producers failed to involve the crowd in any way during the show.  I don't know how they can achieve that, but it's definitely something that needs to be worked on.
  • In the same vein as my last point, "Crowd Goes Wild" did a pretty poor job engaging the social media crowd.  Yes, they encouraged viewers to tweet photos and share photos via Instagram.  But that's it.  There's should be a way for viewers to share thoughts WHILE the show is live.  For example, if the panelists are talking about Yankees winning streak, allow fans to share their thoughts on the Yankees winning streak via Twitter and post their tweets on the bottom of the screen in real-time.  Part of the reason why a show like "ESPN First Take" or "ESPN SportsNation" thrives is because it is powered by social media.  Social media are the wave of the future in terms of creating content for shows, and I hope that "Crowd Goes Wild" embraces that principle going forward.
  • In addition to featuring athletes or people in the entertainment business, "Crowd Goes Wild" must embrace those in the blogosphere.  I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for saying this, but while I'm just a 3rd year law school student with a passion for sports law, my passion and my voice on these issues is just as big as someone as Dan Abrams, who graduated from law school and talks about legal issues on a daily basis as a legal correspondent for ABC News.  It boils down to two things that we have in common: passion and content.  Yes, Dan Abrams makes a living talking law on TV, but just like Dan, I too provide substantive content as a blogger and I deliver it with a passion.  There are thousands of bloggers out there who have a voice and who strive to be heard.  The problem is if any shows will give us bloggers a chance.  Fox Sports 1 will be in direct competition with ESPN and if it wants to set itself apart in any way from ESPN, Fox Sports 1, more specifically "Crowd Goes Wild" must look into featuring sports bloggers, who have a voice and passion.  And you have a perfect panelist to lead that intiative in Katie Nolan, who gained stardom via YouTube.

 "Crowd Goes Wild" definitely has kinks, but overall, I think the show is promising and will be a very intriguing show.  It'll be especially interesting to see how it competes against ESPN's show, as "Crowd Goes Wild" is targeting a young demographic.  Just to give some perspective, I'm 24 and the average age around me was 20.  Wow, I feel old...

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy post, but it was worth breaking down my experience.  Again, many thanks to the fine folks at 1iota for the invite.  If you'd like to get tickets for free to "Crowd Goes Wild" or other events, visit 1iota's website for more details.

Take care, LABO Nation!